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    Question: What is the most prevalent noncontagious disease in the world?
    Answer: Tooth decay is believed to be the most prevalent noncontagious disease in the world.
    Question: Who developed a vaccine against polio?
    Answer: Jonas Salk invented a vaccine against polio that, after being introduced in 1955, saved millions of people from the disease.
    Question: What causes the skin disease called shingles?
    Answer: Viruses can cause skin blisters known as shingles.
    Question: What causes the skin malady known as acne?
    Answer: Extra oil production during the teenage years makes many in this age group suffer a skin inflammation known as acne.
    Question: Who discovered penicillin?
    Answer: Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming’s discovery in 1928 of penicillin, the first antibiotic to successfully treat infections caused by bacteria, had far-reaching implications for medicine.
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    Human Health

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    Human Health
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